onward and yet waiting. sigh

So, I’ve started working on (yet) another book…how lovely to be in that place where it’s still wonderful–in other words, 99% of it is still in my brain…I haven’t mangled it up by trying to write it down yet. Ahhh a new relationship…I’m all batting my lashes and sighing at the new novel. How sad to know that just like the others, this book will certainly turn on me…first I’ll start finding its dirty socks on the floor, then I’ll come up with reasons to avoid spending time with it, and in the end will be scorn and eyerolling by both of us.

I’d also like to report that I have rediscovered something at which I suck–waiting. (Notice how I didn’t end that last sentence with a preposition even though, really it might have sounded better if I had.) Although I suck at lots of things, I think I suck at waiting the most (with the exception of skiing). My book has been at an agent/acquaintance’s office for two weeks, one day and….(looking at my watch) 12 hours now and I’ve heard not a peep. Zip. Nada.

On his website he lists his response time as a month for full manuscripts, and so I am sitting on my whiny “did you get it? have you started it?” fingers. Even though I’m certain…oh about 99% certain that whenever he does read it, the response will not be “Eureka! I love it now,” but will instead be another patient (perhaps less patient this time around?) explanation of new or yet unresolved problems*, I am still impatient for any news, even bad news.

Really, when you think about it, it’s amazing that I managed to have three children and managed to wait nine months plus for each one. How did I do it?

*Several months ago an agent I’d met at a conference many years ago was kind enough to read my manuscript and call me up and tell me why it sucked. I did a quick suck-abatement job on it and re-sent. I strongly suspect that new suck will be discovered and revealed. Stay tuned for that cheerful post. ha!

Okay…I’m not even sure how to segue into this, so just enjoy this odd and yet cool video. I keep thinking that I almost understand them…

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6 thoughts on “onward and yet waiting. sigh

  1. You did it! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me… Good thing you are blogging so I may sit at the edge of my chair and wait with you! mv/

  2. I’m in the same place with a new story idea. Oh, it’s so lovely…..

    But waiting sucks! One of the reasons I’m going the self-pub route now is that I can’t stand the idea of waiting again.

  3. I so admire your diligence. I plan on just writing one Number One Bestseller and being done with it. lol Seriously, since all my books are still living in my head, I think it’s amazing that you’ve finished yet another one. Best of luck and I hope the agent knows all the right publishers.

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